camila comas

Conference Interpreter.

Dublin, Ireland
camila comas


I am a professional translator and interpreter with over 20 years experience in national and international meetings at all levels. Accredited to work with the European Institutions, I have a broad portfolio of clients including local private sector, national governments and European and international agencies.

Member of AIIC

  • A: Catalan
  • A: Spanish
  • B: English
  • C: Portuguese
  • C: Italian
  • C: French

I do simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, both in physical and virtual mode, working in RSI ( Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) if required.

Kudo certified.

Additional Services

After assessing your event needs, I can provide everything that is required for the interpretation, including teams of interpreters, translation booths and sound systems.


From 1990 to date I have worked as an interpreter in all its forms: simultaneous, consecutive and whispering

I am an accredited interpreter for the EU Institutions, and Member of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters).


I have also been working for many years as an interpreter in the private sector (financial, technical, scientific and legal).


I work regularly for various international organizations and have extensive experience at high-level political meetings.